This is where we get to "toot our own horn" as it were.


Barry and Dave both have been teaching guitar for over 15 years each. Barry has a degree in Applied Guitar from VCU. He also gives beginning lessons in Banjo and Bass guitar. He is currently residing in Waterford, Va. so if you are moving to the area or have friends in the area-pass the word!

Dave has been teaching at Guitar Works in Richmond, Va. since 1985. Dave is a self-taught player and has a way of conveying the techniques needed through teaching one's own favorite music and finding the lessons needed there to give a round background and basis for one's future guitar plans.

Private Functions

Ever wish you could have a "Live Band" at your party? Well you can! Barry and Dave both do solo as well as Patchwork private work. If you want great music at a reasonable rate from dependable, responsible musicians, search no further. "The Boys" are ready to help you plan the musical side of your function and then make it happen seamlessly. No muss, no fuss, just great music.