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Howdy Folks! Welcome to a long overdue installment to the "News"! So much has been happening...

If you've been to the Where Are We? page you've noticed some interesting changes. For one you may see that Patchwork is not playing very much anymore. The reason for this is Barry has moved to Waterford, Virginia with his family. Waterford is in the very northern tip of Virginia-about as far away from Richmond as you can go north and still be in the state. Consequently Patchwork is not able to play together that often due to the distances involved in getting together-here or there. Patchwork has settled into a fairly set routine of playing together once a month at Sine Irish Pub in Richmond's Shockoe Slip on the second Saturday of each month as a rule. This schedule has some anomalies due to events or vacations on the part of Barry or Dave but it's fairly reliable. If not on the second Saturday they usually will be present at Sine once during the month. You will also see that they will be appearing again this spring and summer at The James Center lunchtime concert series.

Consequently, you will have noticed that the "Where Are We?" page has a lot of Dave solo performances. If you're going to be in the Northern Virginia area, please be sure to visit http://www.barrycharlton.com/ to see Barry's performance schedule up there. He is staying very busy and would love to see some familiar faces from Richmond if you're going to be in the area!!

You may also have noticed the title "Triad" coming up a lot. Dave has recently hooked up with Dale and Vickie Payne. Those of you that have been around Richmond might have seen the trio Hearts And Bones back in the early '90's. We feel that they constituted one the finest vocal groups Richmond has ever had. Dale and Vickie were also wonderful enough to lend their talents to Patchwork's CD on the song "Promised Land", an original composition by Dave. The two of them also graced the stage with Patchwork at The Flood Zone "Out Of The Box" concert-a second CD release event-as backup singers. A wonderful time was had by all! Dave and Dale got together towards the end of 2008 and started doing some duo work. Of course it naturally followed that Vickie, who has been singing with Dale for the better part of their lives, would join them and add her beautiful voice to the mix. The trio "Triad" was born. Dave, Dale, and Vickie have been rehearsing and playing together at Milepost 5 weekly since the first of 2009. All three have an abiding love for the 70's music they grew up on and it figures prominently in there sets. They also enjoy doing original tunes and have worked up some great arrangements of Dave and Dale's original pieces. Their sound is different and exciting and their presentation is playful and fun. They are willing to try anything together that they know and... sometimes even pieces they don't know!

Well that about wraps it up for now. We hope to see you out there! There's a lot of different music to listen to so come on down!!!!

Head Patches



Well folks it's obviously been awhile since the last update...sorry for the tardiness...

So much has happened over the last year. We hope all of you are starting of the year with a big bang. Now...on to the news!

Dave finished his CD and will be having his release party on February 24th at Rare Olde Times! That is located at the intersection of Patterson Ave. and Pump Rd. in the West End of Richmond. The party will be from 8-12 and there will be lots of drink and entertainment. It looks like John Fetherston and Kim Tiller will be playing a set and Jess Salomonsky and Tina Haney of Sister Sweet (they also helped Dave on the CD with vocals) will be performing as well. And of course, Dave. We hope you can all make it out to the West End for a great party and some great tunes!

Barry is still making the rounds up in Manasass a few nights a month so if you're going to be up that way shoot us an email and we'll get you details.

Dave has a new venue now on Thursday nights. The City Bar. Run by our long time friend and musical cohort Dave Napier, you will find the atmosphere warm and elegant and the food is out of this world fantastic!! Dave is playing every Thursday night from 8-11:30. Come on in for great food and drink as well as your favorite tunes.

Also be sure to catch The Dynamic Duo at Sine in Shockoe Slip, downtown Richmond on the 3rd of February.

Hope to see you all out really soon!!

Patchead Central



Happy New Year!!

Here's hoping that this news finds you happy and well.

Plenty going on here. Dave is currently working on his new CD. He's recording at Sound Of Music Studios in Richmond, Va. John Moran is behind the board once again. The progress is slow but the music is coming along well. Keep your eyes and ears peeled for further news as it develops.

Dave and Barry will not be appearing this month in Richmond together, but you can find Dave at his usual haunts on Tuesdays at Sine Irish Pub in Shockoe Slip and on Wednesday nights at Milepost 5 in Midlothian, Va. John Leedes will join Dave this month at Milepost 5 on the 4th.

Our hearts go out to all those related to the Harvey family, with the tragic loss they've endured. No one should have to suffer as we're sure they are suffering. Our thoughts and our sympathies are with you.

Looking forward to seeing you out there.

Head Patches



Howdy Gang!

Been some big doings in the Patchwork world here recently!

First of all we'd like to once again congratulate Dave for his recent success at the Flat Rock Music Festival! Dave sent 5 songs to Flat Rock Music Festival Songwriter Competition. "Take Me Whole" was chosen as a top 10 finalist. So Dave went down to Flat Rock (near Asheville, NC.) to compete on the main stage in the competition during the festival...and WON!! Great job Dave! We knew you could do it!! Dave's prizes for winning included an OM-3 Larivee' Guitar, 6 hours of recording time at Collapsible Studios in Asheville, a chance to perform that very Saturday afternoon on the Main Stage, and a slot next year as one of the slated acts on the Main Stage for the 2006 festival! So mark your calendars for late September next year! Flat rock is a smaller festival, but the stage acts were great and the sound production was awesome! Hope you can make the journey next year!! To keep up with the festival goings on you can check here: http://www.flatrockmusicfestival.com/home.html

Be sure to check out "The Boys" on the 21st at Sine Irish Pub. Ought to be fun-the week before Halloween and all. There might be some folks out who just can't wait and will be dressed up early! Unfortunately this will be the only performance this month in Richmond for Patchwork, so get on out and cheer the guys on!!

Dave has been working on his new CD a lot recently. No word as yet for an ETA, but things are moving along nicely. If you haven't had the chance, pop by The Sneak Preview page to sample some of Dave's new songs.

Well we hope all is well in your world and that you'll get out and enjoy some music with Barry and/or Dave really soon!!

Patchead Central




Welcome to the Dog Days of Summer!

Wanted to touch base and let you all in on some goings on.

First off, be sure and take the chance to catch "The Boys" together at The James Center for lunch on the 18th! Unfortunately that will be the only Patchwork engagement this month. Barry and Dave are really looking forward to it and hope that weather will permit them to play outside in the plaza. If it rains however, they will be inside in the Atrium.

Hang on to your hats Kids! Dave is now "in production" for his new CD! Pictures of you has already been recorded and it came out beautifully. At the time of this release, Jess Salomonsky and Tina Haney joined Dave in the studio for backup vocals and there may be a few others involved with that tune before it's finished. A release date is not yet available because each session needs to be scheduled around everyone's schedule including the recording studio (Sound Of Music, Richmond, Va.) John Moran, the engineer for the Patchwork CD will be returning to engineer Dave's second effort. If you'd like to sample some of the new tunes, check out the Sneak Preview page for 7 snips of what's to come.

Dave is also entering The Hank Williams Songwriting Contest with several of his songs...cross your fingers! Entrants cut-off is 8/29 with notification by 9/10. Good Luck Dave!!!

Hope to see you all out and about!!

Head Patches



Howdy Folks!

Been a while and there's some interesting things going on and on the horizon!

First of all, Dave has a new venue on Thursdays. It's The County Rib And Ale House located in The Victoria Square Shopping Center at the corner of Hull St. and Genito Rd in Chesterfield. Dave has done 2 of these so far. The votes have been unanimously great! The food is good and VERY reasonably priced. They have between 200 and 300 beers from around the world in bottles and 20+ taps. The room has been totally refurbished by the new owner and it looks great! Lots of wood which makes for a great acoustic spot to hear music. Dave is playing from 7-10 on Thursdays. Come on down and grab some great food and enjoy the music in one of the newest and best spots in town!

Those of you on the email list are aware that Dave has been trying to work out a way to get his new CD into the studio for recording. He put out a proposition to all the email folks for sponsorship. Sponsorship requirements were:

$400 dollars to finance a day of recording.

Sponsorship Benefits:

(1) 3 hour engagement with Dave, your name immortalized in the liner notes of the CD, and, of course, a CD.

As of this writing, Dave has acquired most of the 14 sponsors he's been seeking! THANK YOU!! With the money already received, Dave has his first recording session set for 6/18. This is all very exciting. A fringe benefit of being a sponsor will also be that sponsors will be receiving advance cuts so they can be first to hear all the new stuff coming out on the CD. More news on the CD as it comes available. You can listen to snippets of the new material on the Sneak Preview page. There will also be a new website up for Dave when the new CD is released. Film at eleven...

Barry is still to be found at Carmella's Italian Restaurant in Manassas as well as with Dave on a few upcoming dates in Richmond. Keep your eyes peeled to the Where Are We page for more detailed info.

That's about it for now Kids! Hope your spring is going well and that you will join "The Boys" out and about really soon!

Patchead Central



Happy New Year!

We hope all of your holidays were pleasant and rewarding. There's a few things  to let you in on...

Keep your eyes peeled on the "Where Are We?" page for info on Patchwork appearances. It would appear that you will find The Boys at Enzo's Italian Ristorante  in Goochland in the upcoming months. They will be appearing on the 28th of January and have some other dates in the near future. Being that Barry is in Northern Virginia, dates are harder to book. However it appears you will also find Patchwork or Dave and a combination of cohorts at Sundays in Brandermill with the first appearance being May 6th.

In more imminent news, Dave starts a new engagement at Memphis Bar-B-Q Co. in the Short Pump Crossing shopping center at Pump and Broad this Thursday, January 27th. The show time is 7-9pm. So bring out your crew and your appetite for good food and good music. This is now slated for the next 4 Thursdays, but if response is good then it may become a new home for Dave on Thursday nights! So get on out and support Dave in this new venue.

We hope the new year brings happiness and good things to all of you, and we look forward to seeing you out and about!

Patchead Central




It's been a while sports fans! We hope we your summer went well and you were able to stay whole and dry through all the storms and hurricanes!

There is a little bit of news to be had. All is well with Dave and Barry. You will be able to find The Boys in their usual haunts about Richmond and in Manassas this month. there may be some new venues on the horizon soon and we will keep you up to date on those as information trickles in.

Dave got some really fun news! Dave's newer song "Shattered Chains" received Honorable Mention at 2003 The John Lennon Songwriting Contest! We just got word of it. Dave is very excited and even got his name listed on the website. Here's the add for the page-check it out: www.jlsc.com/winner2003.html. The certificate was accompanied by a letter saying that while it wasn't one of the 120 winning entrants, it was one of the best they received. Neat huh?

We will keep you abreast of new developments as they occur.

Hope to see you out soon!!

Head Patches


Be sure and visit the Where Are We page for a complete listing of upcoming events. For all you CD buffs, check out the Listen To Our Music and New Sounds page to sample The Boys recorded material. There's also some previews of Dave's upcoming CD. Check out the Sneak Preview page.

That's all for now. Stay tuned for all the up-to-date info!

Head Patches