Dave was born in East Orange, N.J. and lived in Cranford, N.J. until the age of 12. His family moved to Virginia in 1973 and been there ever since. Dave began playing guitar at 15 years old and is self-taught. (With a lot of help from guitar playing friends and his older brother Trip.) Dave began playing in Charlottesville and surrounding areas in 1977 and then moved to Richmond in 1980. (Sewing the seeds for future song subjects as this move was instigated by a love interest...) After playing solo for 3 years, Dave happened into a little VCU beer joint and heard this guy singing. Well since their tastes ran very similar, and since the guy was really good, Dave commenced to have a pitcher or two and began singing harmony from the audience-generally making a nuisance of himself. However, when the guy finished, Dave went up and introduced himself and the two got to talking. Obviously the player's name was Barry Charlton. Soon after that Barry went to see Dave at one of his gigs.  Determining that he wasn't just a VCU bar drunk, Barry suggested that they get together and try to form an act. The rest, Ladies and Gentlemen, is history. "The Boys" have been playing together ever since. There is currently one Patchwork CD and Dave has released a solo CD entitled "Ocracoma". The name relates to his great love of Ocracoke, NC-a small island off the N. Carolina coast.